January 16, 2018
President Chuck DeGooyer opened the meeting at Clover Island Inn.  Hank Sauer greeted members,

and gave the innovation.  Kevin Gunn was the facilitator. Glen Reiboldt led us in song.


Guests:  Kiwanians from TCI and Pasco Kiwanis Clubs


Kiwanis Moment:  M & M’s =Membership and Mission  The next Meet & Greet is January 30th at Rick and Micki McKinnon’s home.  Members, please invite family, co-workers, neighbors and friends to join Kiwanis and attend this meeting.  RSVP to Micki by January 25th at 509.947.4526.

                               SIGN:  Micki & Rick McKinnon presented Hank Sauer the Milt Lewis SIGN Award.  This award is given to participants who donate $1000 or more to SIGN.  Eighty-seven Kiwanians have been presented this medallion award.  Our club is near the goal to open a 3rd hospital.  We have $4787 more to fund this hospital.  See Micki or Rick to make contributions to SIGN.  CONGRADUATIONS HANK!



            Inter-Club:  The next Division Council meeting is rescheduled for February 7th and not February 14th as scheduled. 

            Membership Committee:  Our club has sponsored a table for the Kennewick Man & Woman of the Year Banquet, Feb. 26, 2018.  A Sign-up sheet was sent around for members to sign up to attend this event.  Pat Johnstone Jones will take checks--$40 per person. The Finley Satellite Club meets Wednesday, January 17th at Vicki Begum home.

            Food Bank:  Our monthly Food Bank Collection was taken.

            Youth Service Committee:  This committee met today to discuss plans for the committee. In July, the Committee will purchase backpacks and club members will be asked to donate school supplies.  These will be presented to SHAKE (Seniors Helping all Kids Education) group for distribution to schools. 

            Service Excellence:  Service Excellence Committee members will meet with Andy Woehler, Wednesday, January 17th at 10:00 a.m. at the school to discuss “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” Phase 2—Working with Parents.

            Pen Pal Program:  Wayne Bell passed around a sign-up sheet for members to sign to be a pen pal to a 4th grader at Amistad from Feb. 6th -Apr. 24th.  If you would like to be a pen pal, please contact Wayne Bell 628.3867.

            Kennewick Foundation Meeting:  This board meets today at 4:00-5:00 p.m. at the new Haberling Financial Building.


Program: This month’s program facilitator Vicki Bergum introduced Dave Bond, KSD superintendent and Robyn Chastain, District PR Director.  Kennewick Schools will submit 2 school levies for citizens to vote upon by Feb. 13, 2018. Votes are asked to decide on two-4 year levies that support student learning, school programs, athletics, extra and co-curricular activities and student access to technology,


Next Week’s Program:  Roman Trujillo, KPD, Crime Resistance Community Living


Drawing:  $5.00—Ty Haberling & Gus Kittson   Car Wash—BC Cummingham


Your PR Committee 


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