Kiwanis Club of Kennewick Katch-up Korner

October 3, 2017

President Chuck DeGooyer opened his 1st meeting of the year at Clover Island.  Pat Johnstone Jones greeted members and guests, Gerry Berges gave the innovation and Alejandro (Waldo) Mendez was facilitator. Glen Reiboldt led us in song.

Guests:  Art King—Pat Powell, who turned in his membership form, Rick Corson & Walteen—sister & daughter Marla from Texas and Maureen Bell—Maurice Meilleur, brother, who will be joining the club.

Secretary Report:  Maureen Bell thanked members who have paid their 2017-18 dues and reminded others dues need to be paid this week for a report to KI.

Forty-five (45) members and guests attended the installation dinner Sept. 27th.  Bob Marple was MC.  Bob shared a past club history video with George Jones, Red Rutherford, Bob Rupp, Glen Wheeler, and Duane Pepiot sharing stories of their life.   Chuck DeGooyer received a “Tools of the Trade” kit to help get him thru the next year.  It was a fun evening.

The 2016-17 and 2017-18 combined boards met Sept. 27th to preview the Draft Budget Report prepared by the Fund Raising Committee.  The boards approved both the Administrative Budget and the Programs’ Budget for 2017-18 with the clause that the 2017-2018 board can modify the budget if needed.  The Administrative Committee has been given the task to submit to the board a procedure for approving Project Proposals.  Thank you to the Fund-Raising Committee Cory Manley, Wayne Bell, Vicki Bergum, Laurie Tufford and Bob Kelly for their work to submit a workable budget for our club.

Kiwanis Moment:  President Chuck thanked Cyndi for her great year as President and stated he is ready to continue the work of our club. He plans to involve past presidents next year, so be prepared.  The word “Twenty” will be heard several times throughout the year.  Twenty years ago, Chuck was elected president of this club and his goal for the club is 20 new members.  Packages of M&M were at each table for members to enjoy but only if they remember two words--Mission & Members.   M & M’s represents our club’s motto.


            SIGN Wine and Dine:  Rick McKinnon announced this event takes place Oct. 21st.  Cost for dinner is $50.00 and will be held at the 3 Rivers Convention Center, 5:30-9:30 p.m.    You can make your reservations with Rick or Micki McKinnon—947.4526.  Our club will collect $ for SIGN every Tuesday during the month of October.

            Amistad Jog-a-Thon:  Amy Coffman reported all is ready to go for the Amistad’s 1st Jog-a-Thon scheduled for tomorrow. She thanked Rick Corson, Chuck DeGooyer, Cyndi Kittson, Art King, Kevin Gunn, and  Wayne Bell who helped ready 505 t-shirts for Amistad students to wear the day of the Jog-a-Thon. 

            Inter-Clubs:  Vel Wright reported Division Council is scheduled for Oct. 11th at Camp Kiwanis, 6:00.  Our club will host this meeting.  Several members shared they plan to attend this meeting.  Vel would like to complete a Round Robin for our club this year.  She asked for members interested in attending a meeting at Dayton on Oct. 13th.  Vel will work to find members to attend.

            Kiwanis One-Day—Oct. 28th:  Audrey Manley and the Community Service Committee has planned a service project for our club—build new ticket containers for the fair.  Rick Corson and Audrey are working on the plans and will share with club members.

            Facebook:  Russ Edwards reminded members to check our Kiwanis Facebook that has several Installation Dinner pictures.

            Christmas Program:  Gerry Berges announced the Christmas program is scheduled for Dec. 19th and Miss Washington will be our guest speaker.  Put this date on your calendars.

Program:  Kirk Williamson, this month’s facilitator, introduced Fred Yapunich from the National Alliance for Mental Illness.  Fred is the president of the local chapter.  NAMI is the largest grassroots mental health organization.  They have 4 Goals:  1. Educate, to provide programs dealing with mental health.  2.  Advocate—to share national policies.  3.  Listen—respond personally to those who seek help. 4. Lead—Offers public awareness events, activities and communicates mental health issues with the legislature.   They are there to HELP & HOPE for mentally ill patients.

Drawing:  $5.00—speaker Fred Yapunich & Bill Kendrick     Jiffy Car Wash—Vel Wright

Next Week’s Program:  Official Visit:  Lt. Governor Karen Aanes

Dates to Remember: 

            Oct 4:           Amistad School’s Jog-a-Thon. 8:30-11:30 a.m.

           Oct. 5:          October Board Meeting—Clover Island, 12 noon

           Oct. 7:          PNW Governor Roger Bell Installation; Howard Johnson Plaza, 9 N. 9th Street, Yakima.

                                 1:00-3:00 p.m.

           Oct. 11:         Division Council Meeting—Camp Kiwanis 6:00 p.m.  Our club will host this meeting.

           Oct. 21:         SIGN’s  Wine and Dine Event at 3 Rivers Convention Center—5:30-9:30 p.m.

           Oct. 28:         Kiwanis One-Day—building new ticket containers.  More information to follow.

           Dec. 19:         Annual Christmas Program

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Kiwanis Club of Kennewick Katch-up Korner

September 26, 2017


President Cyndi Kittson opened the meeting at Clover Island.  Wayne Bell greeted members and guests,

 Micki McKinnon gave the innovation and Pat Johnstone Jones was facilitator. Glen Reiboldt led us in song.

 Guests:  Newt Hawkinson—wife Edna, Art King—Pat Powell, Ray Schultz—Tim Bostic

Kiwanis Moment—Thoughts and Prayers for:  Garry Bryan who will begin cancer treatments next week, 

Gary Deardorff also continues cancer treatment, Gene Koschik who will have a 2nd surgery soon, and to

Walteen and Rick Corson for the death of their husband and father.  Mr. Corson’s funeral is scheduled for Friday,          Sept. 29th, 2:00 p.m. at The West Side Church, 615 Wright Avenue, Richland.


            Installation Dinner:  Wednesday, Sept. 27th—Clover Island, 6:00 p.m.  Hixson Fellowship members, please wear your medallions and Past Lt. Governor’s wear your red jacket.

            Special Board Meeting:  The 2016-17 and 2017-18 Kiwanis boards will meet Wed. Sept. 27th at noon at Clover Island for the 2017-18 Budget Preview.  Lunch begins at 11:30 for $10.00.  

            Food Bank:  Our monthly collection for the Food Bank was taken last week and $70.00 was collected.

            SIGN Wine and Dine:  Rick McKinnon announced this event takes place Oct. 21st.  Cost for dinner is $50.00.  You can make your reservations with Rick or Micki McKinnon—947.4526.

            Amistad Jog-a-thon:  Amy Coffman reported all is ready to go for the Amistad’s 1st Jog-a-thon scheduled for Wed. Oct. 4th.  The following members will report to work 8:30-11:30:  Kevin Gunn, Bob Kelly, Cory and Audrey Manley, Luann Davis, Chuck DeGooyer, Wayne & Maureen Bell, Cyndi Kittson, Art King,

Don Johnstone, Rick Corson, Amy Coffman, Vel Wright, and Gerry Berges.

Program:  September facilitator Tim Anderson introduced Bill Dixon a Master Gardener.  Mr. Dixon shared information on the “Build-a-Bed to Feed a Family” project.  The food beds are for low income families and disadvantage person in our community. One raiseD bed garden would allow a family too grow about 100 pounds of food annually to feed themselves. Master gardeners over the past 5 years have helped develop gardening space for about 500 gardeners.  They also mentor these gardeners to ensure their success.  Master Gardeners welcome donations to support their program.  Donations fund gardening tools, topsoil and compost, fencing, irrigation supplies, seeds and materials to build the raised garden bed.  Donations can be sent to WSU Benton Franklin Master Gardener Foundation, 7102 W. Okanogan Pl. Ste 102, Kennewick, WA 99336.

Drawing:  $5.00—Gerry Berges & Chuck DeGooyer     Jiffy Car Wash Jan Mokler

Next Week’s Program:  National Mental Health Week—Fred Yapunich, National Alliance for Mental Illness

Dates to Remember:   

            Sept. 27:       2016-17 Board and 2017-18 combined board meeting—Club Budget Review.  

                                                Clover Island, 12 noon, lunch begins at 11:30.  Lunch cost:  $10.00.

            Sept. 27:      Installation Dinner—Clover Island, 6:00 p.m.  

            Sept. 28:      Administrative Committee Meeting—7:30 a.m.  Downtown Trios Board Room

            Sept. 28:      Membership Committee Meeting-12 noon at SportsPage

            Oct 4:           Amistad School’s Jog-a-Thon. 8:30-11:30 a.m.

            Oct. 5:          October Board Meeting—Clover Island, 12 noon

             Oct. 7:          PNW Governor Roger Bell Installation; Howard Johnson Plaza, 9 N. 9th Street, Yakima.

                                 1:00-3:00 p.m.  RVSVP are required:

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